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We were founded by Bridget Bradley and Pavitt Thatcher. They began hosting in person support groups in London and Edinburgh. These ran monthly for 4 years.

During to the Covid-19 pandemic, the support groups moved online. For the entirety of 2020, the groups were hosted weekly on a Sunday afternoon. During this time, the number of support group attendees grew significantly.

Due to the increase in the number of people looking for support, Bridget and Pavitt brought several volunteers on board the team to help run the support groups.

We changed our name to BFRB UK & Ireland to include all BFRBs and our many members in Ireland.

We hosted an “official launch” to announce our intentions to become the first charitable organisation for BFRBs in the UK and Ireland and launched our fundraising campaign on GoFundMe. We have raised more than £4.5k so far!

Then, we launched our new support group for parents, carers, and loved-ones of those with BFRBs.

We have so many plans in the works, including returning to in-person support groups around the UK and Ireland, organising more events, and establishing a support group for children. All this will be made possible due to the incredible support of our community so far.

Our Committee

A photo of Dr Bridget Bradley, Chair of BFRB UK & Ireland, standing in front of a white background.

Dr Bridget Bradley


A photo of Dr Jude Stevenson, research ambassador of BFRB UK and Ireland, wearing a red dress, standing in front of a blurred background.

Dr Jude Stevenson

Community Ambassador

A photo of Michelle Davidson, Secretary of BFRB UK & Ireland, standing in front of a brick wall.

Michelle Davidson


A photo of Tash Willson, wearing a red hat and blowing bubbles with bubble machine towards the camera a

Tash Willson

Public Outreach Officer

A photo of Caroline Harbison, treasurer of BFRB UK and Ireland, sitting in front of some fairy lights.

Caroline Harbison


Honourary Members

A photo of Pavitt Thatcher, cofounder of BFRB UK and Ireland, in front of a turquoise background.

Pavitt Thatcher

Co-founder & Clinical Advisor

A photo of Kathleen Griffith, social media advisor, holding her too cats Huckleberry and Rhubarb.

Kathleen Griffith

Social Media Advisor

A photo of Alessandra Rossi, wellbeing advisor and yoga teacher, in front of a navy background with stars on it.

Alessandra Rossi

Wellbeing Advisor & Yoga Teacher

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